Who We Are

ToPCaP (Transdisciplinary Prostate Cancer Partnership) is an international, multi-disciplined, organized consortium of prostate cancer researchers with access to a unique combination of facilities, data, biobanks and equipment that are pursuing the most urgent prostate cancer questions.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to characterize the key molecular and phenotypic pathways important in prostate cancer development and progression in order to improve the health of prostate cancer patients through informed treatment and prevention strategies. To accomplish this goal, we seek to identify the key biological markers that can be implemented clinically to refine prostate cancer treatment decisions and to define biomarkers of susceptibility, prediction, and prognosis to impact men's health. We address this goal through an international, multi-discipline consortium of prostate cancer researchers and clinicians with access to unique biobanks of prostate cancer populations from the US and across Europe. We believe the synergy created by combining the population science perspective of epidemiology and biostatistics with molecular pathology, genetics and oncologic clinical expertise will allow us to answer fundamentally important questions about prostate cancer.

Recent News

ToPCaP UK Gets Three New Grants

ToPCaP UK Gets Three New Grants

August 6, 2013

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Featured Researcher

Francesca Giunchi - A board certified pathologist at the S.Orsola-Malpighi teaching Hospital of the University of Bologna, Italy, Dr. Francesca Giunchi focuses...